Welcome to God’s Canvas

Welcome to God’s canvas as I learn the “how-to’s” in sharing our homeschooling journey with you. As a mother of many, I get the opportunity to experience God’s world through different ages. We all may see the same things, but we all get something else out of the same picture.

What do you get out of God’s world? A cardinal flying to a nearby tree…or is it a perfectly custom-painted red bird against a bright green tree? A brilliant sunset… or is it Jesus’s Divine Mercy Rays shining through the clouds? A new baby being baptized followed by cake.. or a gift from heaven becoming a Child of God in the Sacrament with the fresh smell of chrism? God’s Canvas to me isn’t just a picture, it’s about life and experiences. It could be a smell, a color, a size, a song…Join me as our family learns all about God’s world through His canvas.


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