Why this title?


God’s canvas…Have you ever looked into the sky to see a beautiful sunset, with almost brushstroke-like lines peering out from behind the clouds? A field of blue because the bluebonnets are in bloom? Or millions of tiny leaves on a freshly planted bush? How about the perfect little fingers and hands on a newborn baby?

I can just imagine the joy God had in designing and coloring our world. My hope is through our journey in homeschooling, we can discover masterpieces everywhere we look. Come back and visit our journal and photos into God’s Canvas.


3 thoughts on “Why this title?

  1. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see how your blog develops!

    with love and prayers,

    MM’s grateful & privileged godmother!

    p.s. Love the photo you chose!

  2. Great blog, Emily!! You wouldn’t believe how I found it. I was on becomewhatyouare’s blog and checked out her blogroll. I thought, “I wonder if Emily has a blog.” Then I clicked on this one!! Wow!! Beautiful. I can’t wait to read more.

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