Change of Command


Finally after 19 months in command, my husband passed the guidon over to the incoming commander in a nice (hot and humid) hanger. The speeches by both the Squadron commander and my husband, Troop Commander, were touching.. of course I teared up! Our beautiful children were on their best behavior. We were in the front row… we took up 5 chairs plus the stroller spot… by God’s grace we needed no crayons, no cheerios, no toy… just grace….Little Bluebelle, ( 2 yo) looked at me and said “Where’s Daddy?” I pointed to the man right in front of us, standing at attention, next to the incoming commander and the Squadron Commander…. “Ohhhh. that’s daddy?” Army uniforms and Stetsons make it hard for a little one to see who’s who! We followed the ceremony with cake, which the children were still on best behavior!! What does this mean to me? Get some Honey-do’s crossed off (after I dust them off first) and no more FRG leader for me! God’s Canvas??? Beautiful children watching their daddy proudly.


6 thoughts on “Change of Command

  1. Beautiful pictures.. Moonbeam is so precious with her hands folded in prayer. John looks so proud! Em…your side bar looks GREAT!!! You are getting it figured out! See you later. Karen +AMDG+

  2. YAY!!! Ben was in Korea while I was here during command so I didn’t have any of that stuff to deal with. Great pictures!!

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