My offering…


Do you ever take Jesus with you to the Laundry room? I do.. I have for a long time now. I enjoy switching the laundry and pouring the fresh clean laundry soap in. It’s a good time for reflection and thanksgiving to God. Thank you for my children. Thank you for all of this clean water.. and machine to do the work for me. (My mother taught me to be thankful in all things) I usually walk around in song. I seem to have always said prayers through song. While in the laundry room the other day, I kept going over and over, music and all, a verse from a favorite Donna Cori Gibson song..” I offer you..” (hold that thought)

I am not the best at “wanting” to clean my floors….but with a black Lab…I guess you could say I am always always always sweeping up “black dog hair!” Even if I just finished putting the dust pan away, it needs it again… Poor dog…I found myself staying frustrated and not loving the little guy! He’s with me most of every day, going room to room with me ( and leaving his trail) Finally it hit me…The song again, clear as day as if God was reminding me…” I offer you..” Okay, I need to offer the sweeping to God. I have decided to unite this task to God for unborn children. I guess for me I needed a positive outlook on reaching for the broom. Now I actually look forward to the sweeping. I get to offer it to Him!


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