On most blogs I read I have fun noticing the “nicknames” we give to our dc to protect them on the blogosphere… Here is the explaination for the names we chose!

dh for course is my dear husband.

Contessa is for my budding 10 yo who loves the Food Network Channel and ALWAYS wants to cook or bake something! She has a taste for things and enjoys trying “what the grown-ups eat” She enjoys The Barefoot Contessa, Rachel Ray, and all Challenge shows ( the the Cake cookoff competitions)

Opie.. well although he is highly gifted with an eye for crafts and drawings, we couldn’t help ourself with his latest hair cut to resemble Little Opie from the Andy Griffith Show. HIs manners and kind heart also reminds us for Opie’s character.

Moonbeam I think speaks for itself.. When she smiles her eyes turn into little moonbeams!

Bluebelle is our 2 yo who LOOOOVES ice cream. She affectionately calls it homoon! Once she was enjoying a bowl for dessert and dh asked her if it was good and she answered back saying ” No Daddy, its gone!”

M&M is our latest addition to the family.. Her initials equal daddy’s favorite chocolate goodie!

This is the updated new and improved 7.0 version of our family! (hee hee)


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