A Mary Fair for the Month of May

In honor of Our Lord’s mother, our homeschool group put on a small Mary Fair. Each participating family chose a title of Mary to research and present. Mary has appeared in many apparitions, some well known, some not so well known.
We had fun touring the displays , enjoying finger foods, followed by the Rosary and evening Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assension of Our Lord. Our parish priest is planning to award the children with certificates.. ( everyone wins!) We can’t wait to see who got what!! We’ll let you know! Our Opie was filled with Joy about knowing there would be awards!!.. UPdate.. Our display got best detail!!! Way to go !
He worked hard on the drawing of Our Lady. Our children each took part in the making of the display. Moonbeam colored and cut out all of the letters, Contessa made the scapulars and did copywork in her best cursive along with a nice drawing in the lapbook on the table, Opie drew the map for the geography part.. where is Mt Carmel anyway??? and big sis did the labeling with lil sis doing the coloring.

Our family chose Our Lady of Mount Carmel


Other families chose…Our Lady of Knock, Mary and the Rosary (through the Gospels)


Our Lady of La Salette, Our Lady of Fatima


Our Lady of San Damiano.. a slide show presentation…( 10 yo!)


I am missing one family’s display, but they did Flowers for Mary.
Every display had a handout so the children could leave with information from each presentation. Ours looked like this…


We had such fun with the research, Our homeschool group is already planning an All Saint’s Day Saint Fair for November! Our children already know who they want to research!


5 thoughts on “A Mary Fair for the Month of May

  1. Great “report”!!!!

    Our family already knows who they want to report on… I suppose we should start our sign up and decide if repeats are acceptable, huh?

    Everyone did a lovely job. Really. Sorry to have missed it.

  2. What clever children! From the detail of the artwork to the explaination of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel we have been truly informed on who she is. Great job Contessa, Opie and Moonbeam! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for All Saints. Love to you Nana

  3. Wonderful, my friend! It was so great seeing all of these projects–the kids really put a great effort into it. Can’t wait to be involved next time around.

    Blessings ~~@

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