Nothing is Impossible with God


Isn’t it neat to know that God can change anything…circumstances, sickness, the weather! Well,we decided to watch God change caterpillars right in our own house. We ordered our caterpillars from Insect Lore again this year and enjoyed watching them eat and grow. Within about a week, they all climbed to the top of the jar and formed their chrysalises.We moved them into the habitat to watch.


The kiddos noticed how they would shake if they were bumped to warn off the predators.. ( they didn’t know my kids didn’t care to have them for lunch..) God’s way to protect them. After much patience, about a week later, the butterflies started to emerge and dry their wings.


We watched them as they slowly opened and closed their little “painted lady” wings…. Do you know the difference between a butterfly and a moth?? A butterfly has “knobs” on the end of their antennas and moths do not… A butterfly is at rest with its wings closed together and a moth is at rest with its wings flat..neat huh? We learned many interesting things about butterflies and made a neat hands-on craft to show the life cycle of a butterfly.


We watched the butterflies drink from the flowers soaked with sugar water for a few days before letting them go into the world. I had planted some flowers outside hoping they would stay a while, but upon taking them from their habitat house, they took off in flight!dsc01601.jpg

The kids squealed with joy to see that they knew exactly what to do!! I still think they flew away as fast as they could into the warm world to flee my freezing house!LOL!dsc01600-2.jpg


4 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible with God

  1. A beautiful entry–enjoyed reading the article and seeing the photographs. What a good teacher and what good students!

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