I think its official!

Our little Bluebelle has now been out of pull-ups for 3 weeks at night… each morning I cringe when I check to see if she made it through the night. Yippee!! over and over! I am so proud of her! In January I took her out of pull-ups and into “big-girl” panties (with No turning back!). I started “rewarding her” with 2 candies during the day to show her how proud I was of her. Soon, that started to taper off and she forgot about it most of the time. Then…after nights of wearing out the same pull-ups, I threw them out. She’s been in big-girl panties since and so so proud. And to make it even more “cost efficient” in the diapering category… Our new little one wears cloth diapers most of the time. She made her debute in Feb and since then I have only bought one box of diapers with lots to spare!! Now, where to spend all that diaper money.. I know books, book, and more books!!! Yeah! ( disclaimer… Bluebelle was “ready”…children are ready at different times)


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