Prayers from a two year old…

Tonight little M&M was crying and having a hard time going to sleep. All through evening prayers she cried. We said our goodnights from where we were and off the kids went to bed. A few minutes later, the 2 year old, Bluebelle, was back at the doorway to my room and I could barely make out what she was saying over the crying. I told her it was bedtime and she needed to go back to her bed. Then I heard, “I want you to hug me.” Oh so sweet from such a sweet little thing. So over the crying babe in arms, I leaned over to hug her and I told her I loved her and to please pray for M&M to stop crying and go to sleep. (Thought that might give her something to do and focus on rather than continue to get out of bed) She immediately knelt down at the side of my bed (right where I gave her a hug) put her prayer hands up and started praying. “Dear Jesus, please help my sister and help for her to stop crying and thank you for this day, Amen.” (sniff sniff)


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