We have just returned from a trip to San Antonio and stayed at a fun hotel with our visiting Grandparents. They drove here from GA and made the short drive down to go to Sea World with all the kids! Here they are in the lobby of our hotel. The kids had a ball enjoying the company, the hotel pool, the “free food” at the manager’s reception, the All you can eat breakfast in the Atrium, and of course, Sea World! I’ll post more pics later after I download them. We went to Sea World using the Here’s to the Heroes 

We did this when dh returned from Iraq to celebrate our 10th anniversary, now…exactly 2 years later, we did it with more kiddos in tow! With the program the Active Duty soldier is able to go for free and get up to 3 dependants in free. What a nice thing!!

Our Children really are gifts to us!!  They have wonderful manners and are so polite to others. We are blessed!


2 thoughts on “Gifts…

  1. Oooo I bet you had so much fun! The hotel looks beautiful and the children look more beautiful! You are truely blessed with such sweet well mannered children.

  2. So glad you had a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see the other pictures. The children are beautiful:-) Love to all of you.

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