Finished our schoolyear…

We are finally finished after taking many breaks in the schoolyear. I am ready to send off our final packets to Seton for grading. After much reflection on the year, the work, and the dynamics of our family.. I am shifting to doing more school work together. I am keeping many of the Seton work, but I am letting go of certain busywork…Like an extra handwriting workbook, when I will just monitor handwriting through copywork and reports.

I am going to add a family history program that I am going to hopefully cycle through in a three year span with the kids. I started to go with RC History, but found this one to match alot of what this “history Major dh” already had. I was told of this program by my friend who also homeschools.  Read Your Way Through History uses books like The Moral compass and the Book of Virtues, the Holy Bible,  The Harp and Laurel Wreath, and mannnnnnny more fun titles through out the various centuries.

We will also be starting our study on the Classical composers and complete a timeline to show the children ( and me) when the composers were alive and compare it to what was going on in history. ( We will use the same timeline to mark the RYWTH, too)

We are going to “try” our best at learning Latin. I have decided to start with Prima Latina and we will be using the DVD instructional program, the CD, the teacher manual, and the student workbooks, and lots of prayers from above.. and grace…to understand this beautiful language… I am aiming at the children being able to say the Our Father, the table blessing, and other various prayers we say regularly in the Mass. We will ALL the doing copywork and writing these and others down…in our best handwriting of course!

I am anxious to start the Catholic Mosaic book with the children. I have my wish list of books to purchase.. but need to pray for the grace to pace myself in trying to get them all. This book follows the Liturgical Calendar and has suggested readings for each month. I will start a list on a new tab at the top of what we have and what our wish list looks like.

Another really neat program I got to take a peek at from my friend at The Cabbage Patch, is called P.A.C.E. It is a program that works on character traits and also has suggested reading by grade level from the Book of Virtues and the Moral Compass, both by William Bennett.

Whew.. sounds like a lot.. but that’s just a start… Come join us or check back in on our progress!!


One thought on “Finished our schoolyear…

  1. Way to go Emily and everyone! So proud of you guys for the hard work you’ve all done to finish another year of homeschooling.

    You & I will be taking the exact same path with Latin this year, my friend! Wanna be Declension Buddies? (Kinda like Battle Buddies, kinda not! LOL)


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