Okay.. Child-like trust???

My neighbor called over for some help this morning.. she had a snake in her carport…. My husband doesn’t like snakes.. but he was home so over we went to “help.” We walked across the street and a pretty good sized fellow was curled up behind her shovel. ( I’d say 4 footer) Now I don’t know how Eve was ever even interested in talking to a snake back in The Garden of Eden….(shivers)…..this snake was in the way.. kids live there and play “right there”….. Okay I trust in God in all things, but a snake??? So my husband got the shovel to try to corral him into a container, but like a snake, slithered behind the hedge against the house. Dh stopped him from going farther, which caused him to go up into the hedge. The neighbor by now was calling housing ( we live in Post quarters) and they were sending pest control.. “It’ll be about 10 minutes” So dh and I (with a rake) and I try to “contain” this visitor in the hedge until the pros would arrive.. The children (14 from the surrounding homes) were completely amused and shrieking with delight and fear. As dh kept a close watch by pulling the leaves back every so often to check that our little guy was still in place… I said.. “Here he goes into the next bush”…dh says ” No, I’ve still got him he’s right here…” “No , dh, I see his head”….”No, I see his head…” Okay…. TWO snakes???? Dh pulls back the hedge a bit more and I’d say.. (a 5 foot fellow curled up in there) Pest control shows up and a nice “hero” comes to help.. He gets a grabber with a long handle to remove him from the bush and contains him for a minute, gets the other snake( the one I’m guarding with much fear and my rake) but as he goes to add this snake to the container the other comes right out and bites the pest control guy on the finger… The pest control man told us this was a rat snake and was easily identifiable by his circle black eyes.. ( Who knew) he said the ones to stay away from have the slit eyes… I think I’ll just stay away period…


On another note….tonight my son comes to me with news that the bathroom sink is clogged with pink soap… Pink Soap??? We don’t have pink soap… What did Bluebelle do?? ( refer to the photo of the little Texan below) I go in there and see the sink filled with cloudy pink water and pink towards the sink drain…”when did this happen??” I ‘ve literally been with the kids THE WHOLE DAY!! ( okay, maybe she went to the bathroom alone… and she is only two (and 11 months)) I look around the tiny bathroom and see an empty bottle of baby lotion…I’m thinking $0.99 (Target brand) and then I look more and see a blue cap…Sport Sunblock..$3.99….purple bottle of bath soap…$0.99… and then the (sigh) empty bottle of M&M’s Burt’s Bee’s Apricot Oil..$8.99….I just bought for her cradle cap….aarrgggghhhh….after all, what fun it is to pour and mix and stir in a sink full of water… If I were two I’d do it too! But I’m mommy and mommies have to “gently correct” so I shut the bathroom door and started to let Bluebelle know why its not okay to ….blah blah blah….and then I see something crawling in her hair!!! AAHHHH.. I swooshed it out into the now sparkling clean sink…. It a Tick! Where did he come from???? The only thing we did outside today was watch the Pest control catch some snakes and Mom and dad re-potted our tomato plants… After we killed and collected the tick in a jar to show daddy, I started to think… If she hadn’t made the mess in the bathroom, I never would have stood there looking at her that long as we were rounding everyone up for bed… I would have missed the tick completely and probably have found it tomorrow after it would already be “attached” Oooooohhhhh Praise God! Thank you for making that mess!!! Thank you Dear God for letting me get that bug!!! Thank you for it NOT being attached!! I am guessing I will make another trip out to Target this week to replace the items lost…At least I will sleep tonight knowing my little one is bug free! And when I get to heaven, I’m going to ask God why He made ticks anyway!


Kind of blurry, but good enough!


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