Tied up with a bow…


You know how you see a beautiful bow on a package and you hate to open it because you know the bow will never look the same again??? I received a beautiful little brown, open-top “basket” filled with beautiful writings from wonderful authors to include Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This beautiful basket was tied with a perfect blue bow that I just hated to open, but I knew inside I would find even more treasures! My dear friend gave everyone in our bible study this gift that was filled with all of the scripture passages for all twelve weeks of the study. My friend is quite gifted in the computer area and made each of these herself using her computer. It has beautiful prayers from the Pieta Prayer book as well as scripture, and Novenas. It made me think of my mom’s index cards filled with her favorite scriptures she has spend years writing and learning. What a complete treasure my friend gave to me! It goes along with our twelve week bible study and is just a joy to thumb through. I know so, so many of the scripture passages so as I start to read them, I am already guessing the next words to come. I may not always know the “exact” verse..but I sure can hear it again and again in the Mass, in my readings, and in my new cards. The bible, the Mass , and all of the beautiful Catholic prayers will always be here, this just made many of those very convenient…I just wish I could get that bow tied back around the basket!


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