Diamonds in the mail….


I feel completely humbled that someone would send me a gift such as this…and I don’t know quite who to thank, but I have hunch! I have been on a roll lately ordering books for the school year and we a re regularly getting packages in the mail or UPS. Yesterday, right after bible study with some dear friends, I started opening package after package. I cut into one after the other and out, two, three, four??… wait five.. no six.. SIX!!!?? Did I order this?? Six adorable Eco Baby Organic Diapers from Julie’s Stuff!! If you don’t know about cloth diapers.. let me tell you.. I felt like diamonds were falling onto my kitchen table!! They are sooo soft and cuddly!! I want to thank whoever from the bottom of my heart, I love them and little M&M will be so adorable in these!! I cannot imagine someone doing this for us so at that I am completely humbled at your kindness. Thank you! Thought I’d share how cute!!……..


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