Straight lines…

I received a Singer sewing machine a few years back from my mom and dad and have not really learned how to do anything more than straight lines. I can stitch front, reverse, at an angle, and sometimes straight. Problem is I have never had the time opportunity to learn much more. My guardian angel however has spent alot of time learning how to make things. I think she shares complete patterns with me upon awaking and in a buzz, I am able to complete a project start to finish. Once, while waiting into my 42 week for baby #3 to arrive (2002) I awoke with complete plans of how to make a King sized bedskirt. I think I cut, ironed, stitched, ironed again, and finally stitched so many straight lines that by the evening my room donned a new beautiful bedskirt. No pattern, just my angel’s help. We have it on our bed to this day and it looks just like the Ralph Lauren one that sold for over $80 at Dillard’s the year I sewed it. I did it out of three Ralph Lauren top sheets bought from Ross for about $6.00 a sheet.

My angel, has learned something new….Upon leaving our latest field trip to the Children’s Museum in Waco and watching the girls have such delight in the Pioneer room ( dress-up), she again has designed a pattern. She shared this with me again upon awaking the other morning and I sewed three Pioneer or “prairie” aprons. I didn’t have a pattern “per say” but I did “discuss” the makings of one with my dear friend Jess while we were at the Pioneer room. I’ll share some photos I took.

( I know Archbishop Fulton Sheen gave a lot of credit to his Guardian angel, so I will make sure mine gets some credit as I am sure she takes more care in detail than I.)

This one is for Cookie , 10 yo, shown in the back view because I like the bow, forgive me for taking the pics without ironing first. The little girls don’t know that I sewed an apron for each of them. They only knew I was sewing for big sis. Both of their birthday’s are next week so they will be wrapped up.. hence.. wrinkles!


cookie-pioneer.jpg pioneer-back.jpg

I made two like this one for the little girls who are both turning 3 &5 next week, shown in the back view


These below are from the Children’s Museum taken in the Pioneer room.. as you can tell.. no son in sight.. he was off exploring in the other rooms.. probably in the inventor’s room, LOL!Baby was probably asleep in the stroller while mommies talked…sewing!


pioneer-chore.jpg pioneer-sisters.jpg



5 thoughts on “Straight lines…

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us on 4RealLearning!
    There is such an innocence in the prairie times that is really reflected in the joyous smiles of your kiddos! How beautiful! Nice job on the darling aprons, too!

  2. I also found you through the 4RealLearning Forum and I just have to say those aprons are darling!! I’m off to make my own now! Thanks for the inspiration!

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