Grazyna, Karol, and Poland

I have a very dear friend, Grazyna, in Poland right now taking care of her mother while her dh is serving in Iraq. When we are with her, she speaks very softly and pardons her English. I just adore being with her as she is so filled with grace. I miss visiting with her very much and look forward to her return to the states.

The children and I started our first Unit study this summer. We started with a unit on Poland and Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. Karol means “Charles” and his last name is pronounced VOY-TEE-WAH. We went to the library and checked out several “keepers” on his life and Poland.Since beginning our study, the children have done copywork such as:

If you  follow Jesus’ advice and pray to God constantly, then you will learn to pray well. God himself will teach you.

God was faithful to sinful humanity, to the point of dwelling among us…

What enormous power the prayer of children has! This becomes a model for grown-ups themselves:praying with simple and complete trust means praying as children pray.

and have drawn pictures and copied Polish recipes.

Cookie has taken to the recipes and has begun copying them each down to add to her recipe book. When we are finished with our study, we will enjoy a Polish meal together to include, Babka, Mizeria, Paczki (doughnuts) and more!

We have read aloud several books to include:

For the Children, Words of Love and Inspiration from His Holiness Pope John Paul II

An Invitation to Joy

The Young Life of Pope John Paul II

Karol from Poland

Pope John Paul II reaching out across Borders

and we have watched a fascinating movie, Karol: A Man Who Became Pope, that was SOOOO good and tells the story of the war in the late 1930’s when the Nazi’s invaded Poland to stop their culture. It shares in the struggles and trials these faith-filled people had to endure. It tells the story of how Karol fought the horror with love and peace. I am hoping to add this movie to our collection soon as I found it through Netflix and reluctantly had to return it.

We plan to watch The Jeweller’s Shop, a play he wrote, turned movie starring Burt Lancaster and Olivia Hussey. He wrote this while underground before going into the seminary. He felt it was important for the Polish to keep their culture alive by writing and performing plays despite the threat of the Nazi’s.

I’ll add more later when we are closer to finishing so you can see some of the drawings and writings from the children.


One thought on “Grazyna, Karol, and Poland

  1. We loved doing that study! We didn’t watch that specific movie, but I think I will add it to our Netflix list. JPII was such an interesting, wonderful man and a wonderful pope!

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