There’s a Mouse about the House…

I have a cute Usborne book with this title. It has a cute little cardboard mouse, tail and all, that slips in and out of the pages throughout the book. A child still learning fine motor skills will squeal with delight to lift the flaps on the following page to discover the mouse yet again has made his way to the next room of the house. To see the book you can visit my friend’s Usborne website here.

Well, this “momma” has just discovered there is a mouse about OUR house yet again!!! The first discovery happened a while back while Dh was in the field playing “Army.” Mommy had to “handle (twitch-twitch)” taking care of getting him out of the house which involved the pest control visits. After setting up “peanut-butter-stickier-than-gorilla-glue” trap strips about the house…a few days later we awoke to find our plump little mouse “stuck” of course. This healthy little fella had been visiting a while as we found his Dog food “STOCK-PILE” behind the secretary and records-ONE and a HALF cups worth!!! I could not believe (nor the pest control man) how much dog food he had stored up! (Mom, here comes a mega run-on sentence) He left the traps for my amusement of course in out of site areas to include behind the couch where two year olds crawl and you have to cut their hair to get them unstuck from mouse traps after crawling behind for hide and seek games !!! For a long while, I left others about “just in case our little fella had a friend.”

Well.. fast forward a few months and send dh off again.. this time not to play Army, but to play golf. I am on the treadmill and dh returns from a golf tournament. He’s noticing his bag ( after being with it all day in 95 degree heat after tons of rain) and he removes his clubs…. flashlight please….

Sidetrack here… Okay.. God, who is the creator of all things, had made every creature great and small to His glory. God does nothing wrong.. in fact He does everything so right, that sometimes we have to shake our heads at amazement and say ” Wow, God thought of that too!”

……mice are quite clever and smart, as God intended when it comes to food.. a basic instinct with creatures….collect and store for the winter, I can understand that……that flashlight is shining down into all the dividers to the golf bag….. FOUR CUPS worth of dog food@!!!!!!! I am off the treadmill by now!!!! I cannot believe……believe there is another mouse about OUR house!!!!

We’ve had so much rain I guess the little guy just ran out of dry places outside to store his food… although really, it our dog’s food.. hhmmmm…. something has to go… so yet again, the pest control man will be knocking a the door tomorrow between 9-12…

So God’s Canvas for this post:

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all.

So now I will go to bed and ask our God to tell the little mouse he’d better get out before the pest control man arrives!


2 thoughts on “There’s a Mouse about the House…

  1. I have loved reading all the blogs, but this one really got me tickled! Your take on the mice is priceless. What a day brightener!

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