This morning, I was preparing to bake for several people, watch two little girls from our Babysitting Co-op, and the usual…empty the dishwasher while switching the laundry and pouring milk into cereal…all while the baby is squealing with delight (picked up from her little buddy, SweetPea)  Sooo….I turned on morning TV…and my three year old is in the room and my 10 year old joins her…at the hour, “silly band/guitar type” (probably since it was Disney, it was obnoxious) ( I agree turn it!) kids song comes on and I hear Cookie say,” oh we need to turn this this is silly…Dad, we need to turn this… this is silly!” after about 4 statements of this being “silly”…Bluebelle chimes in and says, ” this isn’t silly….it’s happy!”

Happy from a three year old at 8:00 AM! God is good…


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