Mom, I’ve made up a new game…

These are the words I heard as he (Opie) continued with delight the way he would create a game for us to play. As I heard, ” and I take the construction piece and fold…” I stopped him and asked him to just please go make it and then explain it to me with the actual creation in front of me.

It is really no surprise to us to see him in the creative mode.. but this day was a bit different, it didn’t involve pipe cleaners, tape or toilet paper rolls cut down the center, this was a thought of strategy!

He arrives back in a matter of minutes with two pieces of construction paper, folded in half, with grids  labeled with numbers and letters. He had game pieces to mark the exact grid, gave me the rules and asked me to play!!!….Can anyone say..”Battleship???”

I immediately asked him  “Where did you get this idea?? Have you ever played this before or anything like it?” He shook his head and said (of course) “I made it up!” (with his big smile and dimples!!)

The boy amazes us! He never stops creating! We’ve played the game a bout 10 times each! He gets extreme joy when someone guesses the exact grid! Once he and I both had our markers on the same spot, boy did he like that!!



3 thoughts on “Mom, I’ve made up a new game…

  1. Precious! I remember years ago our oldest made a Stars Wars matching/go fish type game. He drew all the characters on individual color-coded cards which we then laminated. Just the other day I found “Luke Skywalker” tucked away in my desk drawer – I couldn’t help but smile. :))

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