So disappointed….

A few years ago after hearing a homily from Fr Richard about “how can you help stop abortion???.. Not the person next to you, not the person beside you, but you.. what can you do to help stop this horrific evil?” I was sitting there alone in Mass in 2004 with  our children ages 2, 4, and 7 and expecting another…asking myself…how??? Show me where to start Lord…. Could I show up on the sidewalks and pray at the abortion clinic? No… wouldn’t work with my littles in tow… Pray. Pray that God would show me how…

I stumbled upon Life Decisions International and ordered the Boycott List.. which has affectionately become known in our house as “THE LIST” I have ordered it every year.. Our prayer became “Show us Lord the way you want US to stop supporting Planned Parenthood... ” We had loans, College Loans, Banks, etc with names on the list. Our prayer began immediately through many intercessory prayers from above to pay off each one as we could and not have any affiliate with those on the list as best we could. We knew that many would be unavoidable, so we would start a change were we could. ( I realize this is not a route for everyone, but for OUR family, this is how WE chose to help make a difference…( Starfish story))

We memorized the list and even the children became (and still are) masters at shopping the grocery stores. The biggest thrill last year was finding out the Kraft was REMOVED from the boycott list!! We were diligent for a year staying away from so many favorite items to find our selves adding them to our basket again. Other names like Target and Newman’s Own were removed due to letters written in request for their stopping the support. Every name given on the list comes with a POC and an address.

To my oldest dd’s sadness, American Girl was added to the list due to their support with Girl’s Inc. We called to be removed from their mailing list. To date they have given $190,000 to Girl’s Inc ( who openly supports Planned parenthood agenda and many others)

Tonight, my dd asked me if they still supported Girls’ Inc. I clicked onto Life Decisions International …AARRRGGGG>>>

Much to my disappointment… a new link was added giving the most current supporters to planned parenthood…. ebay, paypal, ( both of which I am soooooo familiar) Sears, Kmart, Chevron, SONIC!!!!and MORE! Dishonorable mention…. AARP, Audubon Society, Myspace, ( not that we use it, but I know many who do) and more….

I am signed up with the Sears Smile Saver program….so I guess that will be no more… Olan Mills is set up in Kmart.. so thats a no-go….will have to find the sweet lady who took M&M’s baptismal pictures (who by the way did a fabulous job!)

E-bay… oh I am so sad… I really enjoy E-bay, but that’s now out as of NOW…I think this is God’s way of saying to me.. “Spend more time with your precious kids…OR…. Get more sleep!!…OR… get going with the heirloom hobby of yours…

Paypal… I ‘ll have to close that right away…

many more… ??? I’ll be ordering the latest copy of the List this fall. If you’d like a copy, let me know…Cost is usually only a few dollars…

Once (a year ago), my son was offered a snack away from home from a name on the List… later that day he told me he didn’t eat it because it was by Kraft…God Love the children..!

He even asked me if I bought Kraft when he was a baby and if I did.. did any of my money kill any babies???…….and he started crying!!…………………..

……………………”Oh Honey??!!” hug hug!! What a deep thinker!

( I know not everyone agrees with this method of Boycotting, but for our family, this has been a good sacrifice of things that are easily accessible…it is a challenge, and we took it.. and if you can’t tell, this is heavy on my heart tonight and just wanted to share.)


3 thoughts on “So disappointed….

  1. Ah Man!!!! That is such a shame. Well I guess its good I am not much of an ebayer. I know you enjoy looking there. So disappointing though. Geez……

  2. thanks for the info. I too was excited by the Kraft thing. [and Wal-Mart, but i’m always back and forth on them]. I did not know about ebay and paypal though. hmmmm….
    the kicker are the companies who make or cater to babies!! Um, HELLO! You’re killing off your customers!! ::sigh::

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