Some winning pictures…

The kick-off to the 40 Days Voices for Life Campaign was yesterday. To much surprise to the kiddos, two of our children’s posters won. They won twenty-five dollars each! They all entered the poster contest, knowing that the posters themselves were all winners for God. It wasn’t about being “the winner” but winning people away from the abortion clinic. My dear friend’s little girl won for the preschool age. Moonbeam ( first pic) loves Mother Teresa, whom we’ve been studying this month for Compassion ( using our PACE program) and  wanted to paint flowers. I wrote her letters and she painted each letter. The green was hard to see from the 50 foot requirement, so we traced over the green with a marker. Cookie didn’t need any help and she came up with her own poster ( second pic)

Our kids were proud of all the winners ( 4 out of 27 entries) Opie was especially proud that his sisters won. All of the children prayed the night before that their posters would be seen by people driving by the clinic or going to the clinic who support this “crime.”

Let us all continue to pray to end this crime, We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayer.


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