Keep the prayers going…

For the Lord is the creator of Life.. We must fervently pray for abortion to end. Today we prayed our Rosary…or as Fr Corapi would say.. “Pray the Gospels” …we prayed the gospels… today using our handmade rosaries. M&M tried to taste hers throughout the prayers. We focused on Our Lord placing His arms around the “Doctors” and the people who went into the “clinic”…My oldest, Cookie, was noticing on the brick building the Hope pregnancy center sign.. wonderful help for those in need to include a free ultrasound…right next to the wo*men’s “hea*lth” cli*nic sign.. She looked with total disgust and questioned it and then replied to herself..out loud…it should say Wo*men’s Worst Cli*nic!” Praise God! Out of the mouth of a 10 year old! My ds went completely prepared with his sunglasses, visor, and he jumped at the chance to hold a sign! The children were very well behaved on the sidewalk with Rosaries in hand. God provided the breeze and the shade for the moments…We must all pray like little children for this evil to end.


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