Ok..I just can’t wait..

Cookie and I went to a local bazaar and made a donation to take a homemade treat from the table. I only had a five dollar bill left, so I donated a five and we searched the table. We chose a very eye pleasing square plate tied off with cellophane and a red ribbon. Inside the pretty package was a turtle treat. I was amazed at how Cookie took one bite and knew instantly what it was. I was looking at it and in my mind thinking, we could figure this out and make it to give the neighbors.. I wonder what it is??? She licks her fingers telling me.. “oh..it’s a snickers bar” She’s absolutely right! You HAVE to try this at home this holiday for your baked goodies plate!!!


Small pretzels

Snickers Bars cut into pieces

Whole pecan halves.

Place a piece of warm snickers bar on the pretzel and  gently press the pecan half on top of the warm snickers. Let cool and you complete the rest. You will have a cute plate of yummy turtles!!


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