today in 2005

Today is the day two years ago we delivered Luke Dominic at 16 weeks. The regular appt showed no weight gain for me which was God’s gentle way to red flag me to be prepared to not hear the heartbeat. We did an ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat had stopped and based on measurements, Luke had gone to heaven three days prior to my finding out. We had wonderful Bereavement nurses who were able to get Luke’s footprints and hand prints. We felt like we had seen such a gift from God to see a beautiful baby “in the making.” We have felt very strong about sharing the beautiful footprints with others as it is such a witness to life…not cells growing inside of someone. I have shared his footprints with Fr Pavone at Priest for Life and given him permission to use them if ever he felt it would help someone. We also have a wonderful personal Rosary maker working on something special for all to pray for the unborn using his footprints. My prayer for God’s gift he shared with us is to touch others and show them a life is a life no matter how small. Since the two years, we have delivered a healthy baby girl and are now expecting another little gift. Just thought I would share! Footprints in the sidebar…


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