Time (life) goes on…

… a week later, the bruising from the IV and blood draws are starting to fade. The emptiness when I place my hand on what was a cradling baby, is now just me unable to fit into “regular” clothes. Time will pass and with God’s grace, I will move on, eventually fit into my clothes again, and perhaps even be able to say yes to God’s gifts again.

The day I found out the baby inside had gone to heaven, was our oldest daughter’s birthday. A joyful, yet sad day all in one.  We celebrated her birthday the night I came home from the hospital. We both are thrilled with our daughter and keeping her young as long as possible. At work, my husband was asked if we bought her a cell phone or the latest popular CD….much to our happiness, we splurged and bought her a new American girl doll and several doll accessories. Pure joy and innocence was apparent that night as she unwrapped her gifts. We will continue to protect our children’s innocence as long as God allows us. We will  pray for God to never leave their side as they enter into this world that seems to force children to grow up all too quickly.



Here is Cookie delighted with her Santa gift!! She received a gorgeous “Cheryl Matis” custom made colonial dress for her and Samantha. She was AMAZED that Santa knew about Cheryl Matis Dresses and it fit her to a Tee!! ( Thanks to Santa and his elves…) Yes, life goes on… but it can go slowly in our house.



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