God’s Will…

well friends, the Dr called and scheduled a consult in a few weeks and asked for Dh to come too if possible. They have run so many tests it basically sounds like “if I had only said yes to the amnio after we found out he was gone” that may have answered something… I delivered little Mark at 18 weeks and he is now buried with his brother we delivered at 16 weeks two years ago. Strange thing is, we delivered a healthy baby girl last Feb. He did say he was waiting on one more test to come in. I know it was God’s will, but it would be nice to know if there was anything I could have prevented.

I would love for God to say yes to us again, when He is ready. I think we are ready if God sent another baby. I think the first time around it was hard, but now we are more able to accept this baby as he is in God’s hands.

I offer it all

The lyrics to this song are beautiful.


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