Happiness is…

A happy one year old…


with her new toy, minus her shirt after birthday cake…


A baby exploring valentines


celebrating a birthday for daddy.. ( I love you!!)


Bowan on his bed being good….


Our salt dough crown of thorns and new Lenten Read with GK Chesterton…

( See how many thorns we’ve pulled out by acts of Love to one another)


receiving Felicity back from the American Girl Doll Hospital ( after her eyelashes came out from too much winking of course!!!)


finishing taxes and it being accepted..now awaiting direct deposit refund!!! ( no picture)


finishing the hand-smocked dresses for two special little girls for their first birthday!!


The fabric is a beautiful London Lawn, the pattern is the Mary De by Children’s Corner



The back of both should have buttons, but since I have never tried to do a button hole (with my machine) I didn’t want to chance it. These dresses have snaps and I’ll probably cover the thread with bows.


Now I realize I am in need of one of these! ( and a lot more practice!)


4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Wonderful photos of happiness on this cold, gray day in Lent! That book looks very interesting. The dresses are lovely – you did a very good job! And of course we like Bowan, we have a female version of the same animal, but she lives in the backyard. 🙂 And thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. Beautiful baby, cute nanu, handsome husband, good dog, sweet girl with her doll, lovely dresses, and taxes all finished with money coming back–you all take the cake for sure. Much love! H and H

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