First Holy Communion Preparations

As Lent is here, I am realizing how soon our son will be receiving his First Holy Communion. We have planned the date of 4/12/08 here at our parish and parish priest. We have wonderful news that our Son’s Godfather, Fr. K., a priest in the Atlanta diocese will be able to be here to celebrate the Mass with Fr R.

We have been studying all along even in first grade for this special day. He is ready, he knows all of his prayers, and he knows the complete order of the Mass. He is such a conscientious little boy. He has even much to teach us. He prays fervently with his eyes closed and hands pointed to heaven. His heart is golden and is anxious to celebrate Mass with his brothers, Mark and Luke as Holy Mass is Heaven on Earth. He will be surrounded with love by family and friends and two wonderful priests. His good friend will be receiving with him followed by a reception to celebrate.

Our family got the beautiful Mini Mass Kit and Lessons from Our Father’s House. We have been reading many many books to include King of the Golden City, The Weight of a Mass, St Imelda, Patron Saint of First Communicants, My Path to Heaven, Little Therese ( out of print from CHC), and many more along with our Religion for Young Catholics, Balitmore Catechism.

We are doing to much more there is too much to get it all on paper. My friend whose son is receiving with Our son shared the idea of putting together a FHC notebook. Our son has already jumped at his idea and has begun collecting his items for entry!

(Holy Card Image from He Gently Calls Us) Thank you for this gift!


One thought on “First Holy Communion Preparations

  1. Isn’t it all just so exciting!? How great that Fr. K will be here for that!! What a blessing! Brittany will be making her’s April 20th with her CCD class.

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