Smart kid…either way you look at it.

Tonight after  the long Palm Sunday Mass, we decided to try out the new Take home and bake pizza place. We arrived home and popped it into the oven while everyone got on their jammies and got their beds ready. The pizza was huge!! It was a half and half family style so bigger than a large and was delicious!!  As we were slowing down, Opie noticed there were four pieces left. He asked for another and of course, the kid of moderation, I said yes. He took one slow bite and asked if he could save it for lunch tomorrow… he was full. No problem, sure, I’ll bag it up. And then it occurred to me.. was he wanting it for real and then was really full after one more bite or was he wanting it for tomorrow?

Moderation.. something we could all learn from him ( FYI.. He will stop if he is full with one bite remaining of anything.. Ice cream sandwich, a cookie… anything you or I would pop in our mouth just to “finish” it.)


Making sure he got just one more piece before it was gone tomorrow?

God let me keep this special little boy probably to teach me along the way!


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