toys and you can’t say that…

Now that our GA grandparents (Nana and Guka) arrived safely for the week, of course we were off bright and early to the “store” Our darling children who are terribly deprived…ahem…. asked “Nana” what she brought in her suitcase for them…. Well, this trip they came by plane so the suitcases were a bit packed, and Nana assured them we would go shopping….that was always my favorite sentence to hear my grandmother say to me! As a five year old and a seven year old invision holding something new in their hands, the thought of going shopping was delightful! We decided to grab a bite to eat first before heading to the “toy store.” Of course, being a family of seven, a suburban that holds eight is not enough so we pile into both vehicles.

… for Opie, he was a man with a plan, he knew what he wanted and if it wasn’t at one place, he was ready to try the next. The middle girls ( 3 and 5) didn’t really have a plan and were perfectly happy with anything Nana showed them. They both got a stable to share and a horse each to call their own. M&M and Cookie didn’t get anything this go around, but I guess that means there will be more shopping in the week. I assured Nana that M&M was fine without anything. Cookie I am sure has thought of many things to wish for.

Long story short, the children are back at home joyfully playing with their new toys. We just finished having tea while watching The Staircase ( about the staircase in the Loretto chapel in Santa Fe ) and the girls are both prancing their horses around in imagination land and I hear Opie interrupt Moonbeam in her story..”No, your horse can’t have a baby horse because your horse isn’t married. and you know you can’t have a baby if you are not married, that’s the way God made it… so you can’t say that..” and he went on playing with his toy.

Tonight, Nana and Cookie and I stayed up to watch Miss Potter. What a delightful movie. Not sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but I know we will have fun!


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