And the White House sang Happy Birthday to…

Today our 265th Pope is 81! He is a wonderful Shepherd for the faith. Please pray for his time here in America and for his meetings with Our World Leaders.

His Message to the United States can be read here.

Yesterday we watched as Pope Benedict XVI landed in the United States at 3:00, ( Hour of Mercy) and was greeted by our President and Mrs. Bush.

Today, the children and I have been enjoying activities from here

We also plan to make  a Papal Rock with the cross painted on the top of the rock, and “upon this rock I build my church” on the back, thank you Colleen

( the kids had fun searching for the perfect rock!)

The two little girls, Moonbeam and Bluebelle proudly  worked on lapbooks filled with the papal coat of arms, a coloring sheet of the Pope and a rebus itinerary of the Pope’s visit.

Opie’s Godfather got tickets to attend the Mass to be said at St Patrick’s Cathedral in NY this weekend.. How exciting!

Please pray for a priest who is too ill to travel who is hoping for a phone call from the pope during his time here.

When President Bush was questioned about his meeting the pope, this was his response:

“Q Mr. President, final question.

Q You said, famously, when you looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes you saw his soul.

Q When you look into Benedict XVI’s eyes what do you see?


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