I’ve been tagged…

Lynn over at Signs and Wonders tagged me for this meme..

7 things about me: Although I think that I am as plain as they come so lets try….

1. I like to drink the hot jello before it gels..

2. I was a majorette and a dancer on the dance team in High School…

3. I’ve known my husband longer than we  lived with our parents growing up..( 17 years both ways)

4. I have had our Amazon Parrot, Percy for 16 years..who eats anything we do, including spaghetti, pizza, eggs and toast, etc…. and  I’ve heard they live to be 65!

5. I took pictures of golfers on the first hole at a Sandestin resort to sell to them at the end of a golf game…

6. I don’t like chocolate cake ( so sorry KC.. more for you!)

7. I’ve delivered a baby in every delivery room except two at our Army hospital here, but going for another this November…

I tag Cheryl at Time really Does Fly

and Ruth at Just Another Day in Paradise

and Matilda at Waltzing Matilda

and Jennifer at Let the little ones come to me ( whom I owe another  meme to!)


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