Couple of fun things…

Feast of the Ascension!! We bought bottles of bubbles we plan to play with after nap today and again for Sunday  ( the day the feast will be celebrated this year). We will watch the bubbles “ascend” into heaven!

Today is the National Day of Prayer in which people of all faiths are invited to pray for our nation. In 1952, President Harry S. Truman signed a bill putting it into law and in 1988 Ronald Reagan signed a bill which put it on the first Thursday in May.

My grandmother is celebrating her 29th birthday again in Louisiana! Happy Birthday Henrie! probably with a cup of gumbo!

Our Dear friend, Fr Kevin was commissioned into the Army today in Ga. He will fill a three year commitment as an Army Chaplain . He has hopes of going right over to the soldiers in theater to offer the sacraments.

I just returned from a doctor appt and heard and saw the heartbeat of the little Snowbaby  snuggled inside.  The heartbeat was about 170 ( right of this week 12 ish)  The dr said, well, I took it as a sign… this ultrasound machine was just sitting in the hallway! Yeah! The baby had his/her hand draped over the face and I saw the profile ( nose and chin) the feet were stretched way out! Enjoy the space while you can baby!


3 thoughts on “Couple of fun things…

  1. Happy Birthday, Henrie!

    Congrats and thanks to Fr. K.

    YIPPEE FOR A GOOD APPOINTMENT!!!!! Hope to see a little picture of Snowbaby!

  2. Thanks Sue and Denise! Looking forward to another appt soon! I just tried to make an appt and they told me my Dr was booked for the month of May.. arg.. I asked for a phone consult so maybe he could squeeze me in!

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