science project…


To create a new bubbling mixture and not be discovered ( until the next day)


To see if the bath soap bubbles more than the rest

Required items needed for success:

* Bath bubbles ( large purple bottle) nightime for calming
* Baby bottle of oil
* bag of homemade bath salts tinted with blue and gardenia fragrance
* travel size hotel shampoo bottles, preferably 6 or more
* Fragrant soap bar from France in fancy wrap and box
* Toothpaste, one travel, one regular size
* Fizzing bath ball, in hot pink works best, can be homemade
* Hand pump soap, purple from Bath and ** works
* Two large bottles of Earring cleanser
* Permission to be allowed to go to the bathroom if you want to play need to after prayers and kisses
* one tired but curious three year old in a bathroom
* tired parents who keep saying, ” Go get in your bed” and fail do not get out of bed to ensure she is doing what she is told
Pour all in one after the other watching to see which one bubbles the most leaving all of the empty evidence bottles aside.
After many lovely smelling bubbles appear and begin to fill the toilet, decide your hypothesis was incorrect and the fizzing ball caused the most bubbles.
Return to bed after a feeling of satisfaction knowing “next time” ~ Uh. I don’t think she’ll ever have a next time!
Thanking God for not storing the cleansers in the children’s bathroom, and also thanking her guardian angel for (protecting her) keeping her from flushing!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there who have ( or had) curious little children!
Please pray for all those who are considering abortion this week, please ask for God’s hand to be placed on their shoulders and give them peace about becoming a mother or giving their child up for adoption so that others may become mothers.
We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayer.
Holy Card courtesy of He Gently Calls Us.

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