Ultrasound update good/bad

Thank you all for your prayers…The good news is that this snowbaby has a good heartbeat! Praising God! Also, the baby measured in close in line with 13 weeks.. good b/c I always measure way far behind. The bad news is that one of two possibilities are going on in utero with the baby…
one: I have a 4 inch placenta lobe (possible twin being reabsorbed).. or

two: I have a growing (4 inches at the moment) uterine fibroid ( shown in the picture above with baby’s face peeking over the UF) that will need to be monitored closely for change in size that could damage the baby’s development or possible preterm delivery or loss. The good news with this is that it is on the opposite side of the placenta. My High risk doctor is feeling like this might be the cause of the two losses I had at 18 and 16 weeks due to perhaps the placenta trying to attach to the fibroid and not receiving nutrition.
Both of these would account for all of the bleeding I had the first two months (hence why I didn’t expect a pregnancy and found out at 9 weeks!)… and God knew…He placed it on my heart to give up wine with dinner for Lent!
My Doctor wants me to come back Monday morning for another ultrasound and he has put in for a consult for me to see the perinatal doctor who will look at the baby closely through the ultrasound.
He asked me not to worry, but after hearing there is a concern and he wants me back in less that a week I wonder.
He said he wants to see if we can make it through the second trimester and then look at options.. I guess based on the size of the fibroid then.
Ugh… I am sort of a wreck now, but trying to stay focused on God’s will in all this.


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