Absolutely touched

I cannot begin to tell you how completely beautiful a picture is to me. It is entitled Escort to God. I stumbled across it online in search for a print for our son’s First Holy Communion after we delivered Mark in January. This picture speaks volumes to me and brings me to tears. We are looking at burying Matthew with his brothers early next week. Pictures like this help to bring peace. I think this picture shows comfort to such a painful time. Each day is like “going through the motions” I don’t even know what day it is as they all roll into one. Our oldest is struggling with the thought…If God heard our prayers to keep this baby safe and here on this earth, why did He take this baby too?  While I was in the hospital, daddy said she left the family prayer time in tears. As humans, we want to know why. Sometimes we just don’t know. We do need to trust. I trust God in all that He does because God cannot make a mistake. I am completely sad, but I will be okay.

Please visit and see this amazing gift this artist is giving back to parents who mourn the loss of a child.


4 thoughts on “Absolutely touched

  1. I can see why you love this picture.
    Our choir sings a beautiful song that touches on what your precious daughter is going through: The words I can remember are “When you can’t see God’s hand, trust His heart.” I wll see about getting the words for you. Love to each of you.

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