…..She greeted her cousin Elizabeth, and at the sound of her voice, John quickened in his mother’s womb and leapt for joy…..

Today due to an early Easter, we celebrate the Feast of the Visitation…. I was just on my treadmill trying to return to a normal routine while the children joyfully play in the sprinkler and praying….first I went through the first Joyful Mystery…the Annunciation.. I can only imagine the joy Mary felt at hearing the news of carrying the Son of God.. the same joy I have felt along with millions of women at the news of a new pregnancy… a baby…and then in my prayers, my mind went to pray for those who find themselves pregnant and alone. Next, I turn to the second Joyful Mystery and thought of the Visitation…First I thought of the joy that John felt in his mother’s womb as he leapt for joy in the presence of his savior.

With what piercing shoots of joy does this story of Christ unfold! First the conception of a child in a child’s heart, and then this first salutation, an infant leaping for joy in his mother’s womb, knowing the hidden Christ and leaping into life.

..well, me being human and completely weak emotionally ( and into my about half of my mile) and began weeping on the treadmill as I turned my thoughts to the joy our little sons must have felt the moment they entered into the presence of their savior…then I thought of those who must go visit to tell of a new pregnancy, pray for God’s mercy to be on listening ears.

I continued my rosary, but wondered why I was so drawn to the visitation today.. now I know why…

After calling on God to give me strength ( emotionally) I completed my one and a half miles and focused on doing something special for our children here for this Feast day/

Read Luke 1:39-47, the story of the Visitation.

This feast reminds us to be charitable to our neighbors. Try to assist some mother (expectant or otherwise), visit the elderly or sick, make a dinner for someone, etc.


2 thoughts on “Visitation…

  1. Wow, you’re inspiring Emily. First the treadmill and then the concentration praying the rosary. I’m with St Teresa of Avila in calling my imagination “the mad woman of the house”. I have terrible concentration in praying! What a grace and blessing for you to be able to focus so well. Lovely to hear your meditation.

    God bless you,
    Adele (from MO)

  2. Adele, you are sweet, I have been blessed over the years with some beautiful artwork and it really keeps me focused. I also really love to pray for the unborn and for people to keep their precious babies. The treadmill is the ONLY me time in my day and I do it during nap time with the older kids reading or working on school work. I don’t make it everyday, but if I’m on it, I’m praying my rosary.

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