Poor Bluebelle….

Our little three year old has been under the weather for a while, coughing, fever, etc…. we keep going in to the Doctor ( usually always flairs up on the weekends)… yesterday I got a call back from the Doctor who upon looking at the X-rays,tells me that Bluebelle has pneumonia…. We started her last night on an antibiotic and today I will have to go to talk to someone at the swimming lessons to see if we can postpone her class until later in the summer.

All of the kids were signed up to begin next Monday. This week was our last week of school. We now have: A sixth, third, first, and preschooler.. ( and one year old who will do anything) in our home!

Please remember Adele and her family as they say goodbye to a sweet baby at 8 weeks. May God bring them peace and comfort during this time.


One thought on “Poor Bluebelle….

  1. aww..poor Bluebelle! Sure hope she’s feeling better quickly. I will pray for your friends family and I’m still praying for yours. ((HUGS))

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