Goodbye baby Karoline….???

Good bye baby??

Well, we have wonderful news from the chromosome testing we had done on our baby. There were no chromosomal abnormalities. Also, much to our surprise….. this was baby Karol…..Karoline… not a baby Matthew…. I was so drawn to the name Karol in the delivery room..( No wonder…our baby girl went back to God on May 18th, Karol Wojtyla’s birthday.) We picked Matthew after the other two boys, Luke and Mark! This was a girl baby who went back to God!! Whew! Actually this is wonderful news to us as we were really starting to think we had a 50/50 chance with each baby thinking we would lose every boy. Now I am really starting to question this house.

We are going to pursue the air quality with an inspector to see if it is something we are breathing. We have had illness after illness living in this old post housing unit. ( Pneumonia, Bronchitis, strep twice, croup, allergies, etc….and three babies in the second trimester)

Now I need to go and change the baby’s name at the grave site where her tiny precious little body is resting with her big brother’s Mark and Luke. Karoline’s middle name is still being thought of…


2 thoughts on “Goodbye baby Karoline….???

  1. Why does this very sad post make me smile? I think that sweet baby’s name should be Emily…wasn’t Pope John Paul II’s mother named Emily?? I think it was…

    I think having the house checked out sounds like a good idea. Prayers for you and your family, Emily.

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