Round out the morning…

with the gas as high as it is, I planned our complete morning with the goal to be back home by lunch and naps….

7am- make coffee, Dh’s breakfast and lunch, ziploc 5 bags of cereal

7:30am …load the suburban and drive to post, following Dh so “he can take her” for her shots…

8am …sit in the car waiting and having to choose between the new Third Day CD or Signing Times to keep M&M happy …. so Dh can go on to work

8:45… Head over to the shopette to get everyone Icees after Bluebelle was so brave.. ( and a little sad)

9am …go by my neighbor from the old house to give her some goodies she asked for

9:30 head back to the shopette because they over charged me for 5 Icees.. a dollar is a dollar… ( or another icee!

10am Drive to get Opie’s haircut and wait our turn to get the lady we like…( how she cuts his hair with THREE spins (cowlicks) in his hair!)

10:45am drive to the funeral home/monument office to check on baby Karoline’s headstone being corrected

11am go to the children’s library and find relief in the air conditioning and to learn we returned all 25 books after a move!

11:20 am load the car, the new basket of 23 books, and the stroller and head back towards home

11:35 arrive at home to realize we missed the Fed Ex delivery..( another computer to head to Iraq)

12:00 Lunch is on the table! Baby in the bed asleep!

Now on to afternoon plans .. all at home!


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