Ouch and Insight….

Today the repair man was able to squeeze us in to his schedule vs his scheduled appointment for Monday to look at our 6 year old refrigerator. Since our move ( 4 weeks) our refrigerator has slowly stopped cooling… We were trying to blame it on not being able to keep up with the Texas heat in the garage, but no… we found out it was the control panel.. it was burnt! To replace it, plus, service call fee, technician , fee, and taxes we were out $300!!! Ouch! But it is cooling again…. so we are happy….

Our schedule today was busy ( as usual) but today was finishing up our first full week of school..
* Make a quiche for after Mass.. to later find out we were not meeting in the parish hall after Mass..
* Mass this morning with M&M is full go mode
* Outting to Office Max to pick up copies
*loading and unloading the car in high humidity and TX heat at 100 degrees…
* Hobby Lobby to get yarn, needles, thread, glue, etc…. bathroom visit at check out for the 4year old..
* Lunch…tests..craft… Feast of the Assumption…. cotton balls trailing everywhere…”Can you help me glue this?” “Diaper!!” “Milky??” ” Baa baa?” ( pacifier) Mom, this came unglued” “Can I have a snack” “No, it’s not snack time” Mom is it snack time?” “Can we glue this again” “Mom, where is my rope?'””What does it look like….. It’s in the garage” “”””
*Birthday gift orders, “Can I do the computer?”
* refrigerator repair appt…while standing outside I hear, “mom, I see a frog.. come see come see!!!”
* trip to Target to buy tennis shoes for the two girlies (tax free)
* clean the kitchen for dinner, vacuum the tile floors. reglue part of the tiger mask we made today…
Honestly, I think this comment came after loading the car for the umpteenth time in the dead heat….
Our little Moonbeam asked me, “So mom, is this what we are like when people say boy you have your hands full?”.. Insight????


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