You don’t know what this means to me…..

( sob sob sob….I am still teary posting these amazing pictures of Cookie surrounded by her friends.. ON A BIKE!!!!.. Sob sob sob…)
Cookie had her dear friends over and out of the blue, one said to me, “I’m going to help Cookie on my sister’s bike” Okay…. a while later, she came in beaming with her twinkling smile, that she rode a bike! I came out with my camera and voila.. she’s wobbling.. but “balancing” on a bike with her friend right beside her!!
Then her sister offered to help Moonbeam on her bike!!! They were so cute running up and down the street!!! They have already thought about the next time they get together they will practice again!!
Bluebelle had fun on her bike.. but I think she will wait to take off her training wheels.

Cookie is so very special…..A long time ago, we sat in a neurologist’s office and we were told “She’ll never run, she’ll always have this dandy walker gait, She won’t be able to balance on a bike. She won’t do ballet or probably ever be a cheerleader…” It went on and on…. She walks perfectly, she loves to run, she has done plenty of ballet recitals, and look at her today.. riding a bike!” God is good!


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