Felt food…

I was completely inspired when my dear friend, jess, showed me a few fun things to make with felt. She came over with her machine and with a cup of coffee, we sewed and visited all day long! The kids were having a complete ball ( not knowing the moms were having a ball too!)

For Breakfast we are serving….

or if you have a bit of a sweet tooth in the morning, I suggest…

For a backyard favorite, why not try…

Finish with a creamsicle or a strawberry popsicle or a chocolate chip cookie !

The corn was handstitched by Moonbeam, ( husks by mom) and the lollipops were handstitched by Opie… ( He also made the pizza by himself!!)

Thank you Jess for sharing such a fun thing!! ( and letting me run with it and copy you completely!!)


6 thoughts on “Felt food…

  1. Oh all your food looks great! I love what you did after we left, so so cute! I need to get busy making more, I got caught up on other projects when I got home. You’ve inspired me to make more felt food tomorrow!

  2. Those are GREAT!!! You are so creative and talented! Jared took a pair of his shorts to my mom to sew a button back on. Don’t think I’ll be making anything like this… EVER! 🙂

  3. I want to pay you two to make some for my boy. Seriously. I’d pay good money. Talk to each other. Work it out. Send me an invoice.

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