A quiz for you and a bonus!

Today, I have had a pretty good day. I added another digit to my age.. not that I feel any different, but on paper, I guess I’ve changed. My dd and her friend reminded me (something I realized a while back) while looking up patron saints…..that God has a sense of humor! The lives of the saints are a great way to read and learn about real people who lived holy lives serving God. It just turns out that this saint shares three things in common with me… Leave me a comment if you find all three.. don’t peek at the other comments!

As a bonus, so you know what this saint and I share???


8 thoughts on “A quiz for you and a bonus!

  1. You’re both teachers
    You have the same name
    September 19th is a day of birth for you both? (her into heaven, you into the world)

    With the other… no idea

    looking forward to the answers!

  2. An the answer is… are….
    same name
    same day ( my birthday is Sept 19)
    both teachers
    for the bonus..
    same name
    date is my anniversary! June 17!!
    thanks for playing!!!
    Cheryl, you got the bonus, so I will offer my rosary for your intentions!! BWYA and Jennifer, you will be prayed for in my novena!

  3. Thank you very much! I have benefited from your rosary prayers ALL day today and have been graced with a most wonderful gift from my father….he came over and spent many hours fixing some Gustav damage to our home. I feel so blessed! Thanks and Hugs to you, Emily!

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