It isn’t so….

…well, it turns out, M&M and her sweet friend who have been playing together lately (while the mommies sew) both have flea/ant bites. I took her in today for the Doctor to see as well as check out my infected ant bite. I felt better knowing we didn’t have to quarantine ourselves and miss the First Holy Communion of several of our homeschool friends this weekend! (yeah!!) We aren’t sure where the flea bites came from because both of our dogs are treated regularly and are both clean, possibly the surrounding backyards with outdoor pets.
My ant bite turned out to be an ordeal…. I was starting to feel like I had the flu yesterday. (this bite has been here of a week on my leg) I was starting to really think it was infected and today when I woke up it was painful to stand on, plus I felt really sick and lightheaded.. turns out it was infected and it had gone into my bloodstream ( Cellulitis) They took all of us (6, stroller and all) into the treatment room, I got on the table and told the kids to be still.. ( this is nothing new for them as I have taken them to MANY OB appointments) The Doctor says, “Mom, you homeschool don’t you?”
They pull out this long needle ( I think it was only to draw out the numbing meds) but none the less.. very intimidating..even for me…The numbed my leg and lanced it…. I noticed Cookie as pale as a ghost and starting to cry (11yo) she was sitting, but was starting to lean against the wall… I told the nurse she was gong to pass out, so she put Cookie on the table with me, even her pretty red lips were white! Then I looked over at Opie, and he was gagging and also pale.. The nurse sat him down too.. She assured me we could stay as long as we needed to in the room.
We loaded up with topical creams and antibiotics and more and off to the car we went…
Turns out after we finally made it home, the doctor forgot my antibiotics so after nap today we will be going back to pick this up.
Silly ant bite.. geez…

I WAS going to post about “Not crying over spilled ice tea” after we got home and trying to serve lunch, M&M pulled the 3 Quart jug of sweet tea I made onto the floor.. It was one of those slow motion moments where I couldn’t get to her fast enough. I had no idea she had such an accurate reach on top of the countertop…Sooooo.. I spent my lunch mopping up Sweet tea that you know is a sticky mess…. I really made a minute of thanking God as I was mopping.. at least it wasn’t a glass container.. it could have been so much worse on that tile…I need to work on my reaction. I think my initial reaction was a minute of panic for a number of things…
1. I am I upset because I now have to clean it up? it needs it anyway
2. Am I hollering “No” because I want to startle my one year old? No, I’m hollering for my own pity..look what I have to clean up.. geez.. how pathetic.. I am a mom and cleaning up is what a mom has to do sometimes..
3. Should I have remembered not to leave the jug so close to the edge of the counter? Of course.. isn’t that what I preach to the kids and get onto the others when I know M&M reaches for their cups of water.

Let nothing disturb you.Let nothing upset you.Everything changes.God alone is unchanging.With patience all things are possible.Whoever has God lacks nothing.God alone is enough. — Saint Teresa of Avila, Bookmark Prayer

The greatest gift you can give to your children is you. Spend time with them, help them through their struggles, and love them through their behaviors.


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