a bit of sewing going on…

My next door neighbor is due to deliver a new baby girl any day now. She told me her colors were green, blue, and yellow.. I looked through my fabric and found a few sweet colors. I measured, cut, and stitched a little car seat/stroller quilt for her. I especially love the blue rosebuds.

I hand stitched the binding on the reverse side which I think gave it a cuddly feel.

Jess and I have stayed busy (actually she’s challenged me with doing more than straight lines…)
We both made little sweet dolls and little nightdresses. This will be a Christmas gift for someone very special in our family. Right now I am thinking she needs to be with my grandmother who is in a memory care unit and always wanted a little girl of her own.

I also saw this cute little pear pin cushion and thought I would try my hand.. and weary eyes ( still waiting on my glasses) at something 3-D.. I am happy with it…

I have really been working on spending more time (outside of teaching) with our children.. they love the one on one time with mom as I take them step by step through a few simple skills. I have taught a few of them how to thread a needle, tie the knot, and chain stitch simple pictures on a loom. The layers of felt on the craft kitchen table also caused curiousity…
Here is Moonbeam blanket stitching a felt horse for her American girl doll.. in stages…


5 thoughts on “a bit of sewing going on…

  1. Everything is so cute! I’m sorry Bow got the horse. Maybe she can make him his own toy from fleece or something. He must have thought it was really cute too.

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