Other than politics…

This morning the kids and I got out the door and rushed down to the Chevy dealer to drop off the suburban.  Chevy issued a recall on the instrument panel ( which I have known about) but it was the breaks that sent me flying in. The other day on our way to Nature Club, it was sprinkling, and we weren’t stopping. There goes the stop sign…..Luckily we were on a back road and no one was coming. It didn’t do it again, but enough to make me think, I need to get this checked. A week later, the car wouldn’t start.  After jumping it off of John’s truck twice, I called and made an appointment for this morning. Out in the 44 degree weather we went. We transfered all of the carseats to the shuttle van and returned home. Funny thing, there was a an older gentleman who also got a ride who asked me if we used to live on post near such and such street, I answered we did, but we have moved off post. He answered back with “I’ve been on this shuttle with you and the children before when you were getting your tire fixed” Amazing… the two times we’ve had to use the shuttle, this man has been on the van. He had a great memory. Now I sit and wait for the phone call telling me the “news and cost” of the bill…. I am going to say a small prayer that the bill is manageable.


2 thoughts on “Other than politics…

  1. they actually said the brakes were good???? ( inspection was $39.99) I was surprised they said even the pads were in great shape… but the steering shaft needed a part ( $266) and forget the read window for the moment.. ( $966!!)
    They were still charging the battery. Probably needs to be replaced ( $96) I get the car back tomorrow.. its always something!

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