busy at work…

OK…. the doll kit I purchased said takes about 12 hours.. Jess and I have met for two days in a row to  “cut, sew, flip, stuff, stitch, and construct” little dolls for our own little dolls for Christmas. We both purchased doll kits after seeing a dear friend’s post about doll quilts… and spying her own handmade doll in the cradle. We tackled the doll quilts and needed the little doll to give with them. On Thursday, we made some headway into the doll kit… we shaped the heads. Today, after Mass, with the crockpot going, we were not going to stop until the doll construction was done.. so with 10 kids, 10 hours, and a million interruptions,  we completed the dolls and now only need to do the hair. ( which will probably be another 10 hours since we have chosen to embroider the hair and we still have 10 kids between us) I’ll be posting pictures of our progress soon. I’ve told the kids I will be leaving the doll out on Christmas Eve, so Santa won’t have to leave M&M anything except her stocking, I am so excited to have made this doll for her!


4 thoughts on “busy at work…

  1. Yes, pictures when they’re done! Some projects do take a lot of time…I’ll never forget my “beeswax candles in mason jars” – a little something I watched Martha Stewart do in 30 minutes…well between my 2 1/2 year old and my 6 month old nursing baby…my 11 candles took me only 8 hours!!! 🙂

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