Baby dolls….step by step!


(kids, I promise to make dinner tomorrow night!)

Jess and I’ve been at it again.. sewing and loving our progress! I think we will both have a hard time seeing these babies “played with” (or on the floor!!) We both plan to give these “Sweet Cheeks” babies to our little girls on Christmas morning. Our M&M already was coming up to me while I was sewing the mohair, “Baby (rocking her arms) Baby, thank you mommy” It was so hard to not hand her the baby.

Here is our doll making tutorial..With shared photos as we took them together over three days… the kit says about 12 hours….I don’t think we made the deadline, but we sure had fun.

The first day we started at Jessica’s house and made it through about 4 hours…We started out pulling the wool apart into two sections, one for the head and one for the body.


Then we made the head by balling up the wool and pulling a knit stocking over it.


Next we tied off the neck making a head and shoulders.


We tied strings around the heads to make an eye line.


Then we tied another string horizontally to make the cheek line.


Now we were ready to cover the heads and shoulders with the skin colored knit fabric. We sewed up the seam in the back and along the bottom and then tied another string around the neck area to bring the neck shape back. That was the end of day 1.


The next day we got together at my house right after Mass to start sewing. We cut out the body parts, sewed them together and stuffed them .. and kept going.. (rememeber I told you we had the crockpot going?…we were determined to get the dolls sewn together)


We sewed up the holes from stuffing the body parts and moved on to sewing the face. First we did the eyes.


After we got the faces done we attached the head to the body.


Now it was time to attach the arms and legs.


After we got the limbs attached, it was time to give the baby a belly button. We literally laughed out loud when we saw that giving them a belly button also gave them a little bum.


By this time we were practically done with the assembly, but we decided that they needed dimples in their cheeks (the ones on their faces).


At 9 P.M. we were done with the dolls and planned to meet again today to finish as much of the hair as we could. we chose to embroider the mohair in place by creating a cap around the head and then add the finishing touches. It was much harder than we thought pushing and pulling the needle through the “skin” of the head, our fingers are throbbing! We certainly understand now why “handmade items”  are so expensive. At the end of another day, we were just about finished. We placed the dolls together and were amazed at how different they look. Jessica’s doll is in pink, mine is in the floral gown. 



I already made a doll quilt so I couldn’t resist letting the doll try it out! M&M will get this on Christmas morning.


Once I had the Mohair cap sewn in place, I started to create curls by looping the mohair. Our M&M has had her hair up in a “topknot” for a long time now, so I think this baby doll resembles our own little M&M ‘s curls.


I am so thrilled with how the dolls turned out! Jess and I had a blast while making them. I certainly think making this doll with a friend is half the fun! ( especially when creating bellybuttons and bums!)


8 thoughts on “Baby dolls….step by step!

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  2. Oh my goodness! You were busy after I left! The hair looks just like M&M’s!!!!! Adorable! Now I really have to get the hair done on my doll! It was so much fun doing this together.

  3. Oh, How Wonderful! Both dolls came out just precious! Makes me want to make another one! 🙂

    Have your fingers recovered yet? I thought those long doll needles were hard on the fingers – ouch! 🙂

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