Pink Therapy

Yesterday, while the children were knee deep in school, I pulled out some beautiful Imperial Batiste fabric I pleated over the weekend to sew into baby girl smocked bonnets. There are a few mommies with sweet little girls due in the next few days and months that I wanted to give them to.

I figured today was a perfect day to touch something pink. I just love pink. I love the softness of pink. (Although I absolutely would love baby blue too!) We stayed at home and finished school for the day. The children began playing Christmas songs on the piano and the younger ones wanted to paint various wooden items. I sat behind the sewing machine adding soft lace to the bonnets and finishing the edges. I couldn’t resist seeing a pink ribbon drawing up the back of the bonnet to the correct “baby size.”

I finished sewing four soft pink bonnets and thought how sweet they would look on tiny baby girls. They actually make me think of Easter morning. New life.

Now I need the smock them (so I can remove the pleating threads) and add the ribbon for tying under the chin. This pattern came from “The Old-Fashioned Baby” smocked baby bonnet



Oh yes, I also loved the brownies a friend brought over! Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Pink Therapy

  1. KC and Jess, these turned out so much better using this softer lace. ( the first two will be for dolls.. live and learn)

    Thank you mom and dad, I already have sweet little babies to give them to.. just waiting for them to arrive.

    Cheryl, again, you inspired me! I remember seeing your sweet bonnets.. still working on your promise

    Ruth, thank you, I remember seeing yours for your Maria, it was very sweet. Maybe she can share it one day with a little sister or save it for one of her own! Come on over. I know you are in VA, and I am in TX..but the invitation is there!

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